My Last Day of Early Years 5

Our Early Years 5 Students graduated today and we could not be more proud! The little 'miracles' as Principal of Elementary School, Ms. Keryn put it, have grown and learned a lot. Now they are ready for the next steps, always eager to reach their goals and have fun on the way. Some of their goals

Celebration of Learning

Students exhibit assessments from class to demonstrate their learning.

What is good about going to an International School?

Elementary, Middle, and High School students at AISC answer, "What is good about going to an International School?"

AISC Proud

From innovative students to future-ready global citizens, American International School Chennai's (AISC) commitment to nurture, support, and celebrate the learner sets the AISC experience apart.

Grade 2 Mela

Second graders create a promotional video to invite students to their mela.

Number Talks at AISC

At AISC, we engage our teachers in a number of instructional strategies to help them with dynamic changing classroom environments. Number Talks, brought to AISC professional learning by Sherry Parrish via NESA, is one such example and serves as the inspiration for this video.

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