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Sandra Alex

AISC Intern and HappyBooth Attendant

Shannon Zirkle was my first mentor. She allowed me to work with her straight out of college when similar industries asked for several years of work experience. She always saw the potential and talent in people- she not only sees it but helps you hone it.

I have worked with Shannon very closely & have watched her work with others as well. To say she is a great teacher will be an understatement as she is so much more to me and several other students she mentored. She is one person who sits with you to review the work & give constructive feedback. She goes to work with us & she shows us how to do it. She taught me that as important as it is to be hardworking, it's equally important to know when to take a break.

Having her as my first boss was one of the best experiences I have had as she set a standard of how an employee-employer relationship should be. She taught me the importance of organizing the work, engaging with clients & other employees, and, most importantly, being passionate and having fun while working. I am grateful to her for giving a fresh-out-of-college student a chance, as it boosted my confidence and gave me an excellent start to my career.

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Vinothini Krishna 

AISC Intern

First of all, a big thank you!

Currently, I'm working as a teacher at an international school in Istanbul, Turkey. I would proudly convey this achievement to you. I would not have been here if you hadn't trained me with the life skills and essential professional development during my internship.

You've not only trained me with photography and the creation of digital content. You have created a path for me to work independently and firmly in whichever task I have been assigned. This helped me with my professional development and elevated my state of wisdom. More than a teacher and an employer, you were my mentor and a best friend to work with.

It has been almost seven years, and you know me as your acquaintance, intern, and employee; All through these years, one of the most important life lessons from you was never to give up learning which made an immense impact that changed my whole life. I can't thank you enough for always being at the lighthouse when I was lost in the sea, and thank you for sailing with me all the time when I was stuck.

Thank you for always trusting me. Thank you for letting me grow and evolve out of my comfort zone. Last of all, but most importantly, thank you for valuing us. The kindness and love you've shown (regardless of the time, money, and energy) to me and all my coworkers as a boss made me feel secure and confident, even when I was new to learning.

I feel your attitude is very rare in a world where everything is a business; this is the space for which every learner would wish.

Happy Mother's Day
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