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These hands-on classes teach students the essentials of using a DSLR camera. In class and homework assignments will be given to reinforce what is learnt. Complete all five essential camera skills and receive a certificate of completion: In Focus, Composition, In Action, Fuzzy Background, Too Bright, I Got This.

IN FOCUS (Camera Settings + Focus)

A great class to start with. Master your camera settings and learn to shoot crystal clear images. The art of focusing is one of the biggest secrets to sharper images and better composition.

COMPOSITION (The artistic side)

The key to a great photo is composition. Learn how to compose your photos to make great shots. Discover how good composition can take your photos from a snapshot to something amazing!

IN ACTION (Shutter Speed)

Learn how to blur or freeze action in your photograph. Expand your creative freedom with this technique. A perfect skill for photographing sports or those little one’s who can’t seem to set still.


Ever wonder how to achieve depth in your photos? Then this class is for you! We will take a look at what settings are used to make this happen. I’ll teach you the perfect settings for portraits and detail shots) Learning how to control your depth-of-field will put you on the right direction to becoming a pro.

TOO BRIGHT (Exposure Compensation)

Tired of bad lighting ruining a perfectly good photo? Well this class will teach you how to correct this. This class will teach you to use exposure compensation to make the perfect photo.

I GOT THIS (Manual)

We are all manual in this class. Learn how to adjust your settings in manual mode to control your shutter speed, aperture and ISO in this class.


These are classes held at a location throughout the city. With hands on tips and techniques covering one or two topics.


Learn how to photograph sunset and silhouettes during this evening photo trek. A great way to get hand's on experience doing what you love. This is typically held one-two hours prior to sunset. 


Learn how to photograph in the night using a slow shutter speed to capture evening scenes. Trek starts soon after sunset. Please bring a tripod for this class. 


Learn how to take photographs of kids in action. We will use shutter speed to stop and blur the movements of these fast little feet. Tips will also be given on how to capture moments, the best angle to shoot in and to take portraits of your little one as well.


Learn how to stop movement in this action packed class. We will use shutter speed priority to stop the athletes in action. Treks can include photographing either Basketball or Tennis. 


Confused where to start when purchasing your first DSLR camera? Than this trek is perfect for you.  We will go over lens choice, camera body and accessory options. 

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